Poemas em forma de unguento (Portuguese Edition)

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As this reprint is from very old book, there could be some missing or flawed pages, but we always try to make the book as complete as possible. Fold-outs, if any, are not part of the book. If the original book was published in multiple volumes then this reprint is of only one volume, not the whole set. It can also be open wide. The pages will not fall out and will be around for a lot longer than normal paperbacks. This print on demand book is printed on high quality acid-free paper. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller 3.

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Lang: - Portuguese, Pages , Print on Demand. More information about this seller Contact this seller 5. More information about this seller Contact this seller 6. More information about this seller Contact this seller 7. More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. About this Item: Rilegato. Condition: nuovo. Formato 14x21, pagg. Associazione Italia. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9.

Published by casa editrice: A. About this Item: casa editrice: A. More information about this seller Contact this seller Published by A. About this Item: A. Milano Verona , A.

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Proveniente dalla collezione Giampiero Mughini. Prima edizione, seconda tiratura del maggio prima in febbraio come da nota al colophon. Bell esemplare. About this Item: brossura. Condition: in ottime condizioni. Milano, Mondadori, In , pp. Brossura editoriale, con sovraccoperta a risvolti. Esemplare parzialmente a fogli chiusi. Prima edizione. Ottimo esemplare. Con dedica ai "Futuristi Volontari della guerra veloce".

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Published by Milano, Mondadori, , About this Item: Milano, Mondadori, , Condition: molto buono. Opera dedicata ''ai futuristi volontari della guerra veloce''. Edizione originale. Cammarota, n. Spaducci, p. The inanimate object therefore returns to life, rescued from the anodyne space of use by the capacity to imagine and driven by the sensitive familiarity of the world for the word that in this form redoes itself in aesthetic appearance.

Or when in another moment, the tiger inside the cat is revealed to us and it comes out of its slow domesticity to remind us of the seven existences it has within. But things and beings always seem withdrawn in this poem. The certainty of its impenetrability, the conviction of the existence of some auratic principle, that makes them, in the end, inapprehensible, is discovered in the way that they deal with them, -it teaches not to fold before the mystery that they carry but to build them a second entity, something akin to a clone of words 4 4 that moves the attention from the object to these, and that at the same time brings it to us in a new investiture.

However in the three poems that the French poet also dedicates to the cat, it appears at once as motive for the compulsion to discover sensitive dimensions to be experimented by I, it being a pretext for this experience that other times represents the enchantment exercised by the impregnable mystery of beings.

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The real cat, its substance, is imperceptible here and on to this metaphysics or transcendences do not stick. Mystery is its prerogative and it does not matter, as in Baudelaire, why. The desire to take possession of the cat, expressed in the future tense as possibility, ipso facto denies itself with the adversative, so that the I, rational, purifies the psychological experience with the productive act of emptying the object of its abstractions and filling it up with words agile, nail, laziness, pupil this concrete material with a visual and audible presence.

This cat which from there arises, unlike the other, can be infinitely redone, not crystallized by emotion or by the impenetrable, but dynamic, always ready to transform itself. This done, it is not the cat that is captured; in the end it is not the object of possession but rather the sign that nominates it, that this poetry becomes concrete, positive, in the sense that the word does not install itself here in essential form, paralyzed in its abstraction. This, on the contrary, wants to be returned to man as the material that belongs to him.

Synonyms and antonyms of unanimar in the Portuguese dictionary of synonyms

Still, the attitude is not understood as pure voluntarism but as constructive will, guided by a profound reflexive reasoning that, if it is not tied to the desire to get to know the objects, then, as Valery, knowing this to be impossible, takes the observation of the beings as a starting point for its own observation. This Viveiro in which objects jump, animate and inanimate, reveal for this, in all its extension, a seeding plat, not only in words as mainly, teaching of textures of kinfolk and relationships, of combinations and mixtures, of unfoldings from which the word interweaves with others a web of meaning, original and diverse, becoming finally in language, an articulation of words.

This creator consciousness reports to the naming of the object. If here the condition of woman reaffirms itself in the more marked appearance of the experience of subject, the process of questioning continues the same, maybe now simply directed at more female worldly identifiable motives than is declared. And it is also the calibrated exercise of the written that directs the erotic gaze of this subjectivity, lessening through the constructive ratio whatever poetic persona subjectivism.

The meta-linguistic nature which defines the poem returns to the forms that could endow the instruments of its own register with sensuality, a task that could reveal a high level of difficulty when it is seen that the attempt is mounted basically on a descriptive parapet that as emotion is kept at short rein and seems to lend a vivid, carnal substance to the objects it nominates, by virtue of the verbs that grant them. Finally, it is on all this that promised pleasure radiance focuses. For this, there are the revelations of the adventure of writing, its way of refusing to appear, to be difficult, that woman who denies the appeals of love, delaying the giving in, which the poem highlights, concentrating itself on the preparations for the material deed Everything on top of the table , here, more act of conquest than of love, which suppresses the presence of I, discreetly withdrawing to the end of the poem.

Likewise, here there is just an apparent concentration on things, since the logic of the composition discovers an analytical posture, obliged to research, to bubble, not these, but the word, until penetrating the swirls and make it exact and indispensable, as Valery wanted it. The creative action, therefore, marks spaces, observes names, checks densities, incites meaning; thus, by this work, what is displayed and shown is dislocated from the center and is occupied by the same act that it makes it possible: ensnare, cling to, capture but also discover.

The use of fruit as euphemisms for sexuality clearly harks back to biblical times. Through metonym, metaphor or symbolism, not many poets have used them to drive their relationship with the body, with the anxieties of physical desire, with the masculine oppression which for so long conceded her a sexuality dependent only on his or linked to procreation. Because of this, its use in the world of feminine poetry often redirects a page to express the female condition in her historical and social environment. Calibrated study of the various poetic universes, Dal Farra 9 already touched on some of these cases, of which I can now apply my discourse on the contrast formalization.

The challenge of this vampirized I is not just in the possession of carnal material, as with the earlier poem.

Poemas en Portugues

Now-Dracula- it yearns for absolute possession, which happens with the conquest and or capitulation of the spirit. The conversion of the sin in virtue by the unusual act of I, in a script, the inverse of that proposed by for example, Baudelaire, is also a conversion from passivity and submission, behavior traditionally associated with the female condition, to free decision.

There is no interdiction between these verses, at least no more than could fit with this same male. The manner in which the typically female comes out of this demystified reveals itself as cultural code that can be modified by the constructive action of the social being. This act, exposed in the plane of thematic content, will radicalize itself also in the constructive will of a writing that, without giving up the canto, renews the excessive subtlety of the female word, all complaints, denouncements and frustrations, to submit it to the same arduous process of decantation and rigorous elaboration that the cultural convention of phalo-centric society does with male poetic endeavors.

This configures, without scandal or commotion, a democratized vision of the processes and instruments of communication, even more consistent since it does not sit easily on the evident plan of thematic development but penetrates the depths of the structures of composition. However, do not think that this constructive will, this obstinate conscience of the formal work is exempt from affliction? It is then that this doing entity will serve frequently to convert them in opportune moments for the composition of forms and structures which go beyond the simple recreation of a theme.

It is a labor that requires calculation, time and patience, in a lengthy renewal until the precision of the perfect form is reached through decantation. Moving on from there, the crochet towel can be chosen as an icon of this poetry, because it exposes, in its smells and voids, the existence of pure structural texture capturing beauty.

Relations appear between apparently diverse elements and everything points to the tie, the parentage, under the guide of the imaginative will which supplies things and its meanings so as to be captured in a significant form, as does the web the spider weaves. At this level, it costs little to bring the imagination to bear on the constructive reason that guides this poetry, in as far as the first is there to facilitate the opening to invisible realities and the second to give them a structure without which they do not, finally, become visible, tangible.

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How can we not feel in this dynamic, the meeting of the canto, the invocation of the indecisive, and of the decanto giving it form? Maybe we can finally speculate on the new meaning that, it seems to me, brings with it the auras of this first book. The semi-material, subtle and evanescent beginning that surrounds things, the aura shows itself to be lost definitively to the poetic perception that, as mentioned, does not propose to capture the secret substance of the object, its indefinable trace but to address the linguistic material through a lucid consciousness of the formal work.

Joining the disseminated cables throughout this text, it is understood that the invocation of the indecisive, the manner it is realized, augurs the existence of a sensitive atmosphere that is the pure manifestation of the full meaning capacities of the word.

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  7. Because of this, these auras result in the warping of constructive will, of imagined and meticulously organized combinations, an artifice which could constitute new old objects, new familiar recollections, new scenes past, since they do not exist before being given form in the poem.